How to paste CSGO cheat?

How to paste an CSGO cheat? It’s pretty simple. Lets jump into it.

First of all you need to download Visual Studio (and IDE for C++) you will edit hack code inside it.

If you have visual studio installed its time to find your cheat “base” that you will build your stuff on.  I suggest you using some ready cheat if you are just starting so I will use osiris hack here. (link github)

Go to github link i provided above and click: Clone > Download Zip, then unrar it and locate file with .sln extension – its file that initialize and loads Visual Studio Project.

Click it and it should open Visual Studio.

Then Switch Debug Mode to Release mode. Remeber to have also x86 picked not x64 – since CS:GO is 32bit game.

And go to Build > Rebuild Solution – it will generate and build the DLL of the cheat that we will inject into CSGO

Building the binary can take a while

But when its ready go to project directory and locate Release directory inside it should be your freshly builded DLL

Now download some DLL Injector and inject it to the CSGO, i will use Extreme Injector (remember to run CSGO with -insecure flag because this cheat is 99% detected, I will cover how to make it undetected in future post).

Thats all if you dont want to paste cheat and use ready you can look at our CSGO Section or visit – to buy premium one.

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