Blockbot in CSGO Hacks explained

Blockbot in CSGO is a quite fresh feature that is perfect for trolling teammates especially if u want to derank.

In video above there is blockbot shown. Lets talk about how it works.

You firstly bind a KEY to toggle block bot.

If the key is bound after pressing it the bot find closest enemy to your player and starts following his position.

The calculating next move and final move is so fast so you are able to like almost copy 1:1 position of your target teammate or enemy. That opens way to walk on other players head or blocking them so hard.

In casuals where you can cross your teammates the feature is also fun, because if you can’t jump on your target’s head, you can follow them and “be inside” them so it looks really fun from outside, litterally like double player or something.

HF and thanks for reading.

The cheat from video is of course our premium sponsored hack arubahook

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